Connect Groups

Connect groups are where you can plug in and meet other people.

IN-PERSON activities are either meeting with limitations or currently not meeting during Covid-19.

ZOOM - see groups below using online resources. Contact Church office how to get started.

Try RIGHTNOW MEDIA for a Bible Study you can do at home! See information below, then email the church office to get started,

Women's Groups

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1:00 PM  Women's Bible Study "The Book of Ruth" on Zoom


4:30-6:00 PM  Young Women's Bible Study "The Struggle is real" by  Nicole Unice. Meeting in the Gym


Simple Chics - Women's Small Group (currently not meeting)

Special Events

This Young Women's Bible Study begins on October 7th.

All young women from the community are invited.

Childcare is available, call in advance with how many kids.

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The Struggle is Real

by Nicole Unice

Life is never as easy as we want it to be. Car tires blow out. Work piles up. Kids throw tantrums. It’s a struggle. But should it be? We often believe that when we follow Jesus, life should get easier. And when it doesn’t we tell ourselves we’re failing or stuck or abandoned by God. But it’s simply not true.


In this 6-part series, Nicole Unice explores why life’s a struggle and what to do about it. With God as the hero of the story, a hard day has new meaning. We can find joy in him instead of feeling stuck. And our lives can be defined by redemption instead of struggle.

Men's Groups

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Special Events


More Groups

Bible discussion group



Video & Discussion (currently not meeting)


Prayer Group (currently not meeting)

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