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White Crosses

Benevolence Team 

The Benevolence Team recognizes that some needs are spiritual.  We do not always have silver and gold but we always have the Gospel. 

To receive assistance come into the office during office hours and fill out a Benevolence Form.


The Benevolence Team met on August 16, 2023, drafted the following guidelines to determine how funds are to be dispersed, and revised the existing Benevolence Assistance Form. 

  • Anyone requesting assistance needs to fill out the Assistance Form

  • Priority for Funding:

    • Church member,

    • regular attendee,

    • community member

  • The Benevolence Team can grant requests up to:

    • $250 church member

    • $150 regular attendee

    • $50 community member

  • Larger amounts recommended by the Benevolence Team will need additional approval by the Leadership Team. The Connections and Hospitality Chairperson will present the Benevolence Team's recommendation to the Leadership Team for final approval. 

  • No cash will be disbursed. Checks will be made out to the landlord/utility company/appliance store, etc.

  • Funding frequency: No family or individual may be helped more than once withing a six month window of time. However, this time frame may be waived in the event of unusual circumstances.

  • Assistance forms are available at the church office, the Wednesday Community Mel, and at church on Sunday mornings. A benevolence Team member will interview the person and offer them information about community services  that might be appropriate.

  • The Team will review any assistance requests at its monthly meetings. Depending on the urgency of any requests, the Benevolence Team may also call an additional meeting to discuss and/or communicate by electronic means.

The Team recognizes that some needs are spiritual. We do not always have silver and gold, but we always have the Gospel.



Food List

Thank you for considering purchasing food for those in need.   Please give donations to church on Sunday morning or on Wednesday afternoons at the Community Meal.  Please label bag Benevolence Team.  For more information call/text Ingrid Hjelmervik at (209) 217-4959

  • Peanut butter

  • Tuna and cracker packets

  • Cheese/peanut butter snack crackers

  • Hearty canned soup, chili

  • Cup of Noodles

  • Top Ramen

  • Tuna

  • Microwaveable potato packets, mac ‘n cheese

  • Raisin/nuts packets

  • Granola/cereal bars

  • Cereal/oatmeal packets

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