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Meet Our Pastor

Kurt Roberts

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii because my dad served in the Army.  We moved to Iowa, then Washington State and when I was going into second grade, my dad retired from the Army and took a job in Denver, Colorado where I would say I grew up. 


Both my mom and dad were committed followers of Jesus and at a young age I decided I wanted to follow Jesus as well.  We went to church every week and even when I was sick or had a soccer game on a Sunday, my mom and dad would put on home church so that we wouldn’t miss a week. 


My knowledge of God’s Word continued to grow when I started attending a private Christian school my freshman year of high school.  I quickly began to learn and know all the answers and had a deep understanding of God’s Word for my age, yet my heart was not God’s.


It was not until I got into college, I had this moment in which I knew I had to either give up my faith or go all in.  I was tired of living the “lukewarm” life and found myself on the verge of depression.  It was in this moment I recommitted my life to Christ, but this time I was all in. 


I changed colleges and started to attend North Park University and I also changed my major to Youth Ministry.  It was also at North Park that I met my beautiful and God-loving wife Christy.  I graduated in 2008 with a degree in youth ministry and got married in 2009.


I served as a youth pastor in Kingsburg, California; Felton, California; Aptos, California; and most recently Denver, Colorado.  While serving in Denver, Christy’s home church that she grew up in, needed a new lead pastor.  After having some conversations and spending some time in prayer with Christy, in 2019 I took on the job as lead pastor of San Andreas Community Covenant Church.


We have loved being here and serving God with a church that cares so deeply for its community.  We constantly are excited and look forward to see how God will continue to use this church for his glory and his kingdom.

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