Save changesCYSH Part 1 EASTER April 1 2018

Take some time this week and dig deeper into the text from the message:

Describe a time when a situation in your life turn out completely different than what you expected.

Read Luke 24:13-15
What are some things that distract us from seeing Christ at times in our everyday lives?
How can we get past these distractions?

Read Luke 24:17-21
Sometimes it is easier to see God’s work as your reflect back over your life. Looking back, describe a time when it was difficult for you to see God working in your life. Do you see that time in your life differently now?
How do trials in your life sometimes change your relationship with Christ?

Read Luke 24:22-24
Why is it sometimes so difficult for us to see God when we face the harsh realities of life?

Read Luke 24:29b-31
In what ways has God clearly spoken to you?
What was the last thing He has told you?

Read Luke 24:45-47
The two men’s eyes were opened to see Jesus with them. Describe a time when you had your “eyes opened” or a spiritual awakening.
How did God give you “eyes to see” something you missed before.

Final thought: Some in your group may be in the middle of a painful season where it is difficult to see God at work. Take time to pray for each other and ask God to give you eyes to see His hand in your lives.

Gather with a couple other people and process these questions and reflect on the message for this week:

How do you respond when someone tells you good could from the trials and tribulations you face?

Read James 1:1-18
• What attitude did James tell people to exhibit when they are facing trials? (1:2)
• What is produced when our faith is tested? (1:3-4)
• What is God’s response when we ask for wisdom? (1:5)
• What effect does doubt have on a person when he or she
prays? (1:6-8)
• What reward awaits the person who perseveres under trial? (1:12)
• From where does temptation come? (1:13-15)
• How does sin start and end? (1:13-15)
• From where do all good and perfect gifts come? (1:16-17)
• How did James describe God’s relationship with the people He created? (1:17-18)

• What do you believe God is trying to teach you this week
through the trials and situations you may be currently

Act it Out
One ways for people to see God is through other believers. This week consider becoming the hands and feet of Christ to someone you know that is struggling. Take time to do something that would be a blessing, encouragement or help to someone you know. Your kindness will reflect God’s kindness to those who may be distracted by the realities of life. Be prepared to come back next and share your experience and how that impact the life of another.


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